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Spain and Morocco

5 Jul - 26 Jul 2014

This tour commenced in beautiful Barcelona and then tracked north west through Pamploma (running of the bulls) and onto San Sebastian, spectacularly nestled in the Bay of Biscay. Then into the Basque region offering magnificent scenery and diverse farming enterprises such as wine, dairy, sheep, cereal and hydro electrical production – and that’s on the one farm! 
Our tour continued south through Madrid and into the southern half of Spain where the Moors held sway for around four centuries – and much of the their culture and architecture is still on magnificent display in buildings such as the Alhambra Palace at Grenada.
A short and fast ferry ride across the Straits of Gibraltar and we found ourselves in northern Africa and the very welcoming arms of our Moroccan hosts. 
Morocco is a land of contrasts. In the north, it snows on the peaks of the Atlas Mountains. There are fertile agricultural plains between the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlas Mountains which effectively split the northern half of the country. And in the south is Sahara desert, palm groves, sheep/goat production and phosphate mining. And amidst all this, the Moroccan people manage to carve out a productive life. Their tenacity and resolve is admirable.



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