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In the mid 1980s, David Dowling (right) and Lloyd O'Connell (left) established Greenmount Press, based in Toowoomba in southeastern Qld. Their focus was on publishing high quailty farm magazines for the Australian cotton, grain and sugar industries. The Australian Cottongrower, Australian Grain and Australian Sugarcane, have provided the perfect springboard into the creation of Greenmount Travel and with it, almost 30 years of co-ordinating and leading farm study tours to virtually all corners of the globe.

The aim of the tours is to bring like-minded people together and co-ordinate off the beaten track journeys that are exclusively created with a passion for quality service and informative visits to ensure itineraries are packed full of unforgettable experiences. The tours focus on farming - looking at the similarities and differences in farming practices around the world. But they also make sure you will experience the sights, sounds, traditions and meet the people within some of the world’s most intriguing and culturally rich nations.

And just to add to the trips’ appeal, the farm study tour packages are normally tax-deductible for eligible primary producers. (This depends on individual circumstances so please check with your accountant).

To ensure maximum comfort for the group, excellent accommodation and meals throughout the itinerary are standard (best available in regional areas) while only the highest quality charter coaches, drivers and local guides are used. Each tour is led throughout by a Greenmount Travel representative to ensure the tours run smoothly and to quickly resolve any problems should they arise.

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