Eastern Africa

TOUR FULLY BOOKED From the Pearl of Africa to the Great Migration

6 Jul - 27 Jul 2024

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Greenmount Travel is a licensed travel agency within the Greenmount Press publishing group. Greenmount Press magazine titles include Australian Grain, The Australian Cottongrower and Australian Sugarcane.

Since 1992 the aim of our farm study tours is to bring like-minded people together and co-ordinate off the beaten track journeys that are exclusively created with a passion for quality service and informative visits to ensure tours packed full of unforgettable experiences. Our tours focus on farming - looking at the similarities and differences in farming practices around the world. But we also make sure we experience the sights, sounds, traditions and people of some of the world’s most intriguing and culturally rich nations.

And just to add to the trips’ appeal, our farm study tour packages are normally tax-deductible for eligible primary producers. (This depends on individual circumstances so please check with your accountant).

To ensure maximum comfort for the group we utilise the best hotels and restaurants on offer and keep our group numbers to usually no more than 30 passengers. 

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